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Bashaya Soul

Hailing from the Highlands and now based in Glasgow, Bashaya Soul’s sound is as accessible as it is complex. The Scottish producer’s funky, densely packed house tunes blend disco-style synthesizers with chopped vocal samples; looping drum patterns with live instrumentation, to create danceable club hits that keep listeners guessing the whole way through.


Bashaya’s unique take on electronic music can be attributed to his musical background: he played classical piano as a child and naturally moved onto jazz and blues music as he got older. He also played drums across a wide variety of styles, ranging from indie to punk rock. After attending his first raves in his local area, he discovered a passion for the electronic side of music and soon became involved in the DJing and organisation of future gatherings. Soon after, he fell in love with the freedom of production, and the escapasim and fun surrounding surrounding the throwback vibes of disco.


Drawing inspiration from DJs like Floorplan, Bellaire, and Folamour, as well as disco legends Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards, Bashaya Soul set out to combine his influences - both new and old - into a single, cohesive package.

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